Sauna Finance

SAUNAFINANCE will launch Stable Token, called Boiler.

The Boiler Token is an algorithmic Stable coin issued by SAUNA FINANCE, backed by BUSD: “80%” + SAUNA: “the number of SAUNA bought for 20% at Mint”.‌

The Boiler is 80% backed by BUSD, which is fully backed by the dollar. The remaining…



私たちは、暗号通貨業界でサウナフリークのためのDefiプラットフォームを構築しています。サウナユーザーは世界中 …

Recently SAUNAFINANCE did an AMA in several Telegram groups.

Here is an archive of them.

Q1/Can you give us a general introduction of you and SAUNA finance? Could you tell us your role in the project?

We are building a Defi platform for sauna freaks in the cryptocurrency industry. …

SAUNA FINANCE AirDrop🎈 for 日本語説明

🧖‍♂️SAUNA FINANCEの短期的なロードマップ

1)エアドロップ期間 5月25日00:00〜6月15日23:59





Sauna Finance

We’re heating up the sauna room now🧖‍♂️🔥

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