SAUNA FINANCE is Defi platform built on Binance Smart Chain:BSC(BEP20)

Sauna Finance
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The core member of SAUNA FINANCE, we are an ambitious and sustainable team.

Our main goal is to build a variety of Dapps to satisfy sauna-loving crypto-investors, and to create and operate the ideal sauna facility for the SAUNA FINANCE community.

Our initial core members are based in Singapore.

We build the Defi platform for sauna freaks in the cryptocurrency industry.

SAUNA FINANCE is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that relies on mathematical formulas to set the price of automated market maker (AMM) assets. 📈✨ It uses a pricing algorithm to determine the price of an asset instead of using an order book like traditional exchange methods.

The liquidity pool contains funds from other users. As an investor, the user deposits money into the pool as a Liquidity Provider and receives Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens in return🧖🏼‍♂️✨LP tokens can be used to harvest their share and a portion of the transaction fees.


SAUNA FINANCE is a Defi platform on BSC (BEP20).
It offers a variety of features such as decentralized exchange, liquidity provision opportunities, pharming, staking, lottery and NFT markets.

The sauna room will be filled with liqiudity for the exchange.

The sauna room will be filled with the user’s Liqiudity. Users deposit their tokens into the pool and in return receive liquidity provider (or LP) tokens. They can then Farming those tokens and earn a portion of the transaction fees.

Harvest $SAUNA with Löyly farming.

Löyly Farming allows you to stake a certificate (LP token) as a liquidity provider and earn a commission for each exchange in that liquidity pool. By locking in more LP tokens, the indoor temperature will increase and the $SAUNA harvest will be bigger🧖🏻‍♂️✨

Relax fantasy✨Staking Cold Pool

Stake SAUNA (SAUNA FINANCE TOKEN) in Cold Pool and get new tokens by maintaining the relaxed fantasy🌈. Reward is calculated for each pool and can be harvested.🌊🧖‍♂️✨

Non-fungible token (NFT) can be issued

Make digital ART and creative with the theme of sauna and mindfulness a historic asset as a non-fungible token (NFT).🔗✨ Not only can you convert to NFT, but can also trade NFT as an open marketplace.📈✨

Oropo LOTO Lottery🎯

The Oropo LOTO-lottery feature allows you to purchase tickets with Governance Tokens (SAUNA). 🎟️✨Winners will be selected by smart contract in the lottery, and SAUNA FINANCE TOKEN will be awarded for each new BSC block.🎯✨

※Oropo is a mixed drink of Pocari Sweat and Oronamin C, which is a favorite drink of sauna freaks in Japan.


Sauna Market Cap

The Sauna market cap app will list sauna facilities around the world based on their location and set up a pool of $SAUNA to be distributed to those locations in advance.

Users can connect their Web3 wallet to the Sauna market cap app and stake $SAUNA in advance.

After checking in with the Sauna market cap app with the location of the sauna facility and staying there for 90 minutes, $SAUNA tokens will be distributed to the staking users.

The amount of tokens distributed will vary depending on the amount of staking, but $SAUNA holders will be able to earn more $SAUNA by relaxing in the sauna.

$SAUNA Token Economy

In order to get $SAUNA rewards from visiting sauna facilities, you need to have a certain amount of $SAUNA (staking), which is the pressure to buy $SAUNA tokens.

About $SAUNA to the pool for distribution

SAUNAFINANCE will buy a certain percentage of $SAUNA from the market from the profits of the DEX exchange fee and distribute it to the SAUNA facility pool for distribution. This will lead to an increase in the price of $SAUNA.

SAUNAFINANCE creates a system that makes people all over the world want to go to sauna.

Healthcare x Tech = HealthTech

Our goal is to make sustainable sauna HealthTech culture take root.


It’s a to-do list with particular timeline.

We will work hard to release roadmap items before deadline.

Governance token

Contract address:0x06b889a7a7fa15d8cc7cff147962c4232cce7cf0

$SAUNA (SAUNA FINANCE TOKEN) holders vote to achieve the best setting for the country, region, facility design, sauna room temperature, water bath temperature, etc. The main goal is to build a community that is supremely mindfulness, happy, and sustainable in the future.

Please join our community🧖‍♂️

SAUNA FINANCE will be hosting a $SAUNA (SAUNA FINANCE TOKEN) airdrop with the goal of building a strong sauna community around the world.

A total of 100,000 SAUNA (10 SAUNA to the first 10,000 people) will be airdropped to those who whitelist and complete social tasks during the event.



🧖🏽‍♂️AirDrop whitelist registration










Sauna Finance

We’re heating up the sauna room now🧖‍♂️🔥