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Recently SAUNAFINANCE did an AMA in several Telegram groups.

Here is an archive of them.

Q1/Can you give us a general introduction of you and SAUNA finance? Could you tell us your role in the project?

We are building a Defi platform for sauna freaks in the cryptocurrency industry. Sauna users are all over the world.

Our goal is to build the ideal sauna facility for the sauna community by building a variety of Dapps that will satisfy them.

We want to build the most mindful and happy cryptocommunity by creating the best settings for country, region, facility design, sauna room temperature, water bath temperature, etc. by voting by $SAUNA (SAUNA FINANCE TOKEN) holders.

I’m coremember of SAUNAFINANCE. My role in the team is tokenomics design,development and branding.

Q2/How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

The initial core team consists of 4 people, but we are currently working on decentralizing the marketing and community management in each country.

The core members, except for myself, are basically in charge of dev.

There is basically nothing we can’t do, as various trusted people can join us as needed.

Q3/Why did you choose DEX as your entrepreneurial project, can you tell us the reason?

We like decentralized culture.

Saunas have something in common with this worldview, which is not bound by countries or regulations.

While we are attracted to developing a borderless culture that can be enjoyed by people all over the world, we had no choice but to participate in DEX development, an environment that is decentralized and allows for various challenges in the process of evolution.

Q4/We all know that now DEX has two completely different development directions. The first is to expand the community like sushiswap so that DEX can not only be traded but have more functions, and the second is like Uniswap to focus on improving the trading mechanism. Can you tell us which kind that SAUNA Finance wants to be

The sushiswap community is strong and wonderful.

We think it is a great benchmark for us to follow as they work around the culture of sushi. On the other hand, we believe that UNISWAP’s development capability is to pull the rails in this industry.

As a latecomer, we can absorb the best parts of both and move in the direction the community wants. It’s a great environment in that sense, and we can take elements from them while also focusing on developing physical Dapps and leading ambitious projects with strong tokenomics, such as the safemoon fork.

Q5/Can you tell us the latest news about SAUNA Finance

We have announced that we will be offering liquidity to pancakeswap after the end of the current crowdsale.

As new information, we will set up a staking pool and a farming pool before the liquidity offering.

Q6/Can you share with us the development plan of SAUNA finance in the future(this year)

First, after providing liquidity, we are designing a stable increase in the price of $SAUNA on PancakeSwap. Some of them are not on the roadmap, but we are proceeding with the basic premise that investors will not lose any profit.

We also have plans to go to the moon with a new token that will be issued separately for $SAUNA token holders, and we plan to use the $SAUNA token as the axis for cutting-edge tokenomics research, new token issuance, and marketing.

Most recently, we plan to issue a deflationary token like Safemoon as a family token of $SAUNA. This is designed so that a portion of the taxes will benefit $SAUNA holders.

Q7/We noticed that you chose BSC for your project. There have been many security incidents on BSC recently. Can you tell us the reason and your opinion on this?

This is a very sensitive issue. Many of these problems are caused by flash loan attacks that exploit the MINT feature, and our own DEX will incorporate measures and initiatives to prevent this problem from occurring. This information will be officially announced in the future.

Q8/What are the major challenges of SAUNA Finance and how do you intend to solve them?

I think the challenge is that the overall volume of the virtual currency industry is declining. However, we are only doing what we can do now for the sauna culture. We didn’t start this project with the light-hearted intention of stopping because we couldn’t get funding or because the economy is bad.

We are sincere in doing what we can now to achieve our goal of creating a sustainable, decentralized economy around the theme of sauna culture.

Listing on Bainance is one of our major goals.

Q9/This is our last issue which everyone is very concerned about. The recent decline in the price of cryptocurrency has caused many people to withdraw from this industry. Can you tell us your views on the future development of cryptocurrency and Defi?

I think the future of cryptocurrency is bright.

The national and political pressures on a decentralized and free economy will increase for a while, but they will choose the path of coexistence.

In order to do so, we Defi players need to operate and respond with sincerity.

We are disgusted by players who run defi in bad faith. SAUNA FINANCE would like to create a system that will prevent fraudulent projects from running rampant in a decentralized and free world.


Q1. Can you introduce SAUNA FINANCE to our community?

We are building the Defi platform for sauna freaks in the cryptocurrency industry. There are sauna users all over the world.

Our goal is to build a variety of Dapps to satisfy them and to create the ideal sauna facility for the sauna community.

We want to build the most mindful and happy cryptocommunity possible by creating the best setting for country, region, facility design, sauna room temperature, water bath temperature, etc. through voting by $SAUNA (SAUNA FINANCE TOKEN) holders.

Q2. What are the core features of SAUNA FINANCE ? How are you different and unique from all other projects out there?

First of all, there is a universal culture of sauna in our background, and that culture has a lot of fans, which is the difference from other empty projects.

Investors in cryptocurrencies spend a lot of time worrying about daily price fluctuations, and I think the pressure is great. I’m sure there are many investors who seek solace in saunas on a regular basis. SAUNA FINANCE is a tribute to that culture, and I think it will be of interest to any investor, good or bad.

For the dapps we are launching first, we will cover the functions of a comprehensive Defi project, including decentralized exchanges, liquidity investment opportunities, farming, staking, lottery and NFT markets.

We will focus on sustaining a stable $SAUNA price, and in the future we plan to launch healthtech dapps (Sauna market cap app) incentivized with $SAUNA.

Q3. I saw that SAUNA FINANCE Token has its token named $SAUNA , can you explain what the token is $SAUNA ? What benefits can we get if we hold tokens $SAUNA ? And how to buy?

SAUNA is positioned as an incentive token for the stable operation of SAUNA Dapps to be developed and released in the future. Stable Dapps do not need aggressive tokens that repeatedly spike and plummet. Therefore, $SAUNA is a token designed to be scalable so that it can be applied to a variety of possible future Dapps.

However, we also understand that investors want to see a rapid rise.

That is why we are constantly studying Tokenomics in the market and will be issuing a new token with powerful Tokenomics features related to SAUNAFINACE.

This will first be distributed to holders of $SAUNA tokens.

This effort will continue as the cryptocurrency market evolves, and $SAUNA token holders will receive priority distribution for new tokens and other products we develop. $SAUNA will be your ticket to the moon.

There is currently a $SAUNA crowdsale going on.

The minimum purchase price will be 500BUSD, but during this crowdsale, we will launch a high APY staking pool for participants, and the first user to get $SAUNA will get priority staking.

Q4. Nowadays Farming or staking is very popular. Have you provided your Farming or Staking Facility to $SAUNA Investors? if you have, can you explain how to staking and farming $SAUNA ?

We are planning to launch $SAUNA’s staking pool during this crowdsale period. We call it a cold pool.

We will have different staking pools for different temperatures, ranging from 21C to 8C, each with its own minimum staking volume and APY settings, to cater to different investors.

Don’t worry. We are also planning to launch a firming feature for liquidity providers, so many investors will benefit from SAUNA’s price improvement.

Q5. Could you please explain, what are your upcoming plans in a couple of month/years?

First, we will launch a comprehensive Defi called SAUNA FINACE. This will encompass the features of the entire Defi project, including decentralized exchanges, liquidity investment opportunities, pharming, staking, lottery and NFT markets.

In addition to $SAUNA, we will also be issuing a new token that will feature strong price appreciation tokenomics. This project is already underway, and we are testing a mechanism to distribute the tax on transactions of this new token as a benefit to $SAUNA holders.

This SAUNAFINACE-related experimental new token distribution mechanism will be ongoing and will help stabilize $SAUNA and raise its price.
Listing on Bainance and other major exchanges is a common goal that we and the community want to achieve, and we want to make sure it happens.


Q1. It’s easy to make a token but it’s really hard to make this token valuable? So what’s your startegy to make your token more valuable and what’s your plan to maintain token price and supply?

By holding $SAUNA, users will automatically receive a new token with powerful tokenomics that we will issue and brand. This is a strong point to solidify a price bottom.

Q2. We know BSC is known to be very fast, simple, cheap in cost. But we do know that using the binance smartchain is a lot of interesting and high-risk projects. What do you say to the community, How do you get them to really believe in this project, is there any reason for this?

The reason why We use BSC is because of their low fees and most importantly, I believe in the potential of Binance. They are big but progressive and always up for a challenge.

Our goal is to build SAUNA Dapps in the healthtech space.

Most of the projects that are only about punp&danp are just using templates. Many of them do not have a culture or philosophy, and their goals are very different from ours, which is to seek token stability.

Q3. Can you introduce to us your token? Can you explain to us the token distribution? What percent of the transactions fee are burned as a deflationary mechanism to further increase token value?

We have positioned SAUNA tokens as incentive tokens to ensure the stable operation of SAUNA Dapps to be developed and announced in the future. As such, SAUNA tokens are designed to be scalable so that they can be applied to a variety of dapps.

MINT will be carefully discussed within the community and will not be implemented without the community’s consent (vote), and opportunities for MINT will not be considered until the initial distribution of Earns reaches its limit. The SAUNAFINANCE DEX is also designed to be burned under certain rules.

We want $SAUNA to be a stable and universal token. Instead, we will be experimental and ambitious with new SAUNAFINACE-related tokens that will be distributed automatically to long-term holders of $SAUNA.

We will also be experimenting with deflationary tokens, such as Safemoon, which currently has a tax redistribution mechanism, and tokens whose value is backed by dollars, such as the Iron project.

This SAUNAFINACE-related experimental new token distribution mechanism will be ongoing and will help stabilize $SAUNA and raise its price.

$SAUNA will be the ticket to the moon for Holder.

Q4.Your platform is able to generate a huge amount of data speaking about users preferences, strategies and behaviors. Are you already using those data? Do you plan to use them in the future as an additional source of profit?

We do not make personal information an asset. However, we are planning to run a worldwide SAUNA facility rating service (Sauna market cap app). This service will require data from all saunas in the world and we would like to collect this data with incentives $SAUNA for users.

Q5. Most projects decide to operate exclusively on existing blockchains. So I find it interesting when you create your. Can you explain what are the supernatural features of this blockchain and why did you decide to create it?

we felt a fundamental similarity between the culture of SAUNA and blockchain, a system that allows us to design a decentralized token economy.

Sauna should be a decentralized culture that anyone can enjoy and anyone can relax.

We are having fun making this project and value the feeling of tracing our love for saunas to the blockchain.




🎉SAUNA FINANCE Telegram Community Chat is here!

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🧖‍♂️Community Rule

・Relaxing and fantastical Time (called TOTONOU in Japanese)

・This space should be happy and mindfulness.

・After the sauna, it is important to take a break.

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